Peacefully electric is how I would describe a London Grammar gig. The sound of the three piece band from Britain has been described as “a blend of ambient, ethereal and classical sounds”, with what I would describe as chilled out, enchanting vibes. Hannah Reid, Dot Major and Dan Rothman have introduced a completely new and refreshing sound to the radio and it is one that is causing London’s best venues to be completely floor filled.

Last Thursday, London Grammar performed in Electric Brixton as part of their London tour. The intimate gig was performed in the perfect setting, allowing the audience to engage with the heartfelt lyrics and the music to bounce of the walls and capture our imagination. With a backdrop of flickering city lights, and a digital animation of London’s sky high buildings, Hannah Reid’s classical voice, which is often likened to that of the whimsical Florence Welch’s, flooded the ears of every wide eyed fan.


With a a playlist of their top hit songs including ‘Metal & Dust’, ‘Wasting My Young Years’, ‘Night Call’ from one of Goslings best films ‘Drive’ (if you haven’t seen it, do!) and my personal favourite, ‘Strong’, it was a performance I didn’t want to end. Strobing lights accompanied Hannah’s opera-esque, highly talented voice, as she led the gig in an understated cotton jumper and jeans. The raw passion on stage from the three band members was unmissable. To say we weren’t jealous that our lives hadn’t mapped us out as a member of a seriously cool band with volume maximising songs like London Grammar, would be a lie.

Their album ‘If You Wait’ is out now, and definitely one to drown out your parents embarrassing singing as they sing along to the free newspaper CD’s this Christmas!

By Marni Banks

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