You can’t fake a Fendi. Sex and the City fans will remember that Samantha Jones found this out the hard way. Public humiliation, stolen credit cards fees and an enforced exit from the Playboy mansion ensued. Now that’s quite a bit of trouble for a bag named after a loaf of bread.

Often referenced as the original IT bag, the Fendi Baguette is a fashion icon in its own right. Originally launched in 1997 and immortalised by the Sex and the City girls, the Baguette was the accessory of the decade. Tucking neatly under the arm like the French loaf of the same name, the small, delicate bag has become a collectors’ item and even has a book dedicated to it and its many reinventions over the years.

In an industry that moves so quickly we are already planning our Autumn Winter purchases before we have even seen spring, it is unusual to find an item that’s popularity lasts beyond a few seasons. The simple, unfussy structure and design of the original Baguette lends itself to reinvention and has seen it adorned with numerous embellishments and countless colourways.

Last year marked the 15th birthday for the bag and Fendi celebrated by making the Baguette available to buy online for the first time through their own website This year the Fendi comes in two distinctive styles; paired right back to their roots in simple calfskin leather in colours such as soft gold and walnut or the more elaborate beaded versions in graphic prints. Of course both styles come with the iconic FF metal buckle and treated with the love and care they deserve will see you well beyond spring summer.

Fifteen years is a long time in fashion so let’s show this humble bag some respect. The price tag might make it out of reach for the majority of us but while we may fake our nails and our hair colour and swap Prada for Primark please girls, for your own sake, never fake your Fendi.

 By Samantha Vandersteen

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