The theme at the Ong-Oaj Pairam AW15  show was excess with key focuses on celebrity and pop culture. Inspired by both classic and contemporary idols for this AW15 Collection Pairam’s Warhol approach saw him draw on everything from the lost stars of the silver screen, to Roxy music and even modern day pop icons Britney and Miley Cyrus. Using luxurious fabric, from satin to velvet, it was the ultimate celebration of extravagance.

Focusing on the silhouette, Pairam convoyed a strong sense of femininity; belts were used to emphasise the waists, while draping romanticised the movement of each garment and heavy velvet in deep plums and burnt yellows screamed decadence. Sunglasses hid the eyes and a abundance of fur evoked status, as Pairam explored the contrasting themes of anonymity and notoriety.



Fame, money and glamour were opposed by the venerability and vulgarity of the celebrity lifestyle; a theme which was first apparent when the invitations went out. Pairam used a scratch-and-sniff black card to bring to life the scents of the rich and famous – signature smells labelled “the sweet smell of success” and “not getting out of bed for less than $10,000” had a somewhat sour pong to them. Although it was Pairam’s use of print that most suggested a darker side to things – camouflage hinted at anger, while paparazzi bulbs, blurred celebrity silhouettes and appliquéd details gave way to a voyeuristic experience that left you a little cold.


With many inspirations Pairam has curated a versatile collection which echoes his unique style despite exploring some darker themes. The end result is a juxtaposition of identity and disguise that mirrors the desire to gain notoriety yet stay hidden – something celebrities struggle with daily in our modern culture. Ultimately Pairam delivered indulgent luxurious glory that screamed too much is never enough.

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 By Sophie Maguire, Editor

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