So I know that last week I promised to share with you my completed Halloween look along with my Halloween activities, however there was a slight last minute change of plan for my day. I was asked to do a last minute job for a production company doing makeup for Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Derek Jacobi, which was an offer I just couldn’t refuse! The purpose of my job was to provide basic ‘makeup’ for those that wanted it at a press event for the new series of the British sitcom ‘Vicious’ which is due to air in 2015. So I made my way up to Piccadilly Circus to the BAFTA where a grand set up was anxiously waiting for the arrival of the two British stars.

The location was beautifully set up and rather posh, with canapés and a selection of drinks and very well spoken staff who welcomed me beautifully.  I set up my tools and then found myself becoming one of the anxious bystanders awaiting their arrival. I was very unsure what to expect and was quite worried that the stars wouldn’t be friendly, as I have never been in such a position at work! But as soon as they entered the room it was very clear that they were just a couple of great, life long friends ‘at work’. The energy in the room was fantastic when they were talking and their personalities bounced off each other so well that you could see everyone in the room go from nervous to relaxed.

There was a lot of chit chat going around the room and a few other acquaintances of theirs which were all as welcoming and as friendly as them. My job was admittedly very straight forward and minimal as I was only required to be there if I was needed. Fortunately my presence wasn’t completely wasted as one of the interviewers from The New York times asked if she could have a slight touch up before she went onto the stage to interview Sir Ian and Sir Derek. Luckily for me I thought on my feet when packing for the event as I thought I should just take everything with me, because you never know! Also lucky for me both of the stars required my brief makeup service!
It was a great experience and I feel very lucky to have such a great opportunity given to me and I also got to stick around and watch the interview which I also thoroughly enjoyed. What a great thing to be able to say I have a picture of Gandalf in my portfolio!
By Connie O’Neill

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