Maggie Semple | WoW 2012 | Southbank | Fashion

Maggie Semple | WoW 2012 | Southbank | Fashion

Maggie Semple, Polly Vernon and Oonagh O’Hagan are three women that are synonymous with fashion but most importantly, they are known for their great sense of style. Classic, elegant and feminine these three women have learnt exactly what constitutes good style throughout their careers in the fashion industry. Yesterday saw these three women join together to host a panel for the Southbank’s Women of the World Festival, talking about fashion and the world of decorative arts.

The lively discussion was both informative and perspicuous, covering a whole plethora of subjects ranging from society’s perception of women right down to the history of high heels. Everyone joined in, sharing their fashion stories with the group and the main point highlighted through the conversation was that women wear things that give them confidence. Polly made the analogy that women wear high heels, despite their agonizing nature, to make their legs look longer resulting in a small boost of self-confidence. According to Maggie, women and their high heels have already defined the landscape of London and if you look carefully between the paving stones on Hungerford Bridge, it is possible to see the indentations made by women walking in high heels.

Maggie Semple | Women of the World Festival | Southbank | WoW 2012 |

It has often been said that women that care about fashion are normally shallow and this could not be further from the truth, after all, men are allowed to be football fanatics without being considered hooligans so why should women be treated differently? This was the question on everybody’s lips but through the discussion Maggie, Polly and Oonagh uncovered unspoken truths about why women dress in a certain way, revealing that style and substance do in fact work together harmoniously.

This empowering talk followed Maggie’s successful Semple Secrets event which was also held at the Southbank Centre, proving that women are not just interested in the way they look but in the story behind the garments they wear. It is this mentality that drives the work of Maggie Semple Ltd forwards and sharing Maggie’s love of fashion at Women of the World festival was the perfect way to celebrate and unite women for International Women’s Day 2012.

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