This week is the 2012 London Book Fair, celebrating and sharing some of the publishing worlds finest authors and writings. Here at MSL, women, fashion and their stories always inspire us. So this week, to begin fashion book week at MSL we want to share the story of Naomi and her adored fashion books.

Naomi is a devoted wife, mum of three and household goddess, spending most her days caring for others and enjoying long walks with the dog. However, before moving to the countryside to start a family, Naomi was a city girl working as a dress fitter and maker at AnnaBelinda’s, a classic couture and traditional bridal-wear shop. Commuting to and from the shop in the heart of Oxford and London’s very own Liberty’s, Naomi was a true fashionista. From her time spent at AnnaBelinda’s, Naomi has since treasured the books known as her “Fashion Bibles” that symbolise her time working in the fashion industry. In Vogue, Knitting Fashion and The Fashion Year provided Naomi with inspiration and have since retained their significance sitting proudly on the shelves of her front room.

Beyond their use to her as a dressmaker, the books bring back nostalgic memories of her time as a fashion textiles student at the university of Birmingham and her obsession with fashion as a young adult. “I used to read these books all the time. I loved the images of the gorgeous couture dresses and would calculate the intricate details involved to make one of my own”.

Now, despite the books looking faded, there is a real vintage feel about them which is ever more appealing. Although they have lost their colour, they have not lost their interest, as they are now to the admiration of her daughter, Marni. Not only will Naomi and her daughter cherish these books for many years to come, but also they are real vintage treasures to the fashion industry illustrating how much fashion has changed and evolved.

By Marni Banks

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