It’s not often that the words functional and fashion come together, so when they do you know you need to make the most of it. This year something strange has happened to fashion; it’s come over all comfy.

Any girl knows that fashion is not for the faint-hearted. Towering heels and blisters? Check. Bandage dress and blood-circulation-cut-off spanx? Check. Ridiculously huge IT bag that makes you ultimately lopsided and is the cause of numerous trips to the Osteopath? Double check! We know that if you’re not suffering in the name of fashion then you are probably missing a trick. Well not any more ladies. This year fashion is paying us back for all those years of suffering in the name of our art.


Céline Resort 2014

Maybe it’s the bad weather or maybe it’s the recession, whatever the reason, fashion has decided to give us a break. And where better than to notice the street trends that will be huge in 2014 than at London Fashion Week? The Semple team noted that the shoe of choice at LFW was none other than the super comfy (and flat) Adidas Duramos with Birkenstocks a close second, easy to wear and comfy enough to stomp the streets of the capital in all week.


Adidas pool-slides and socks: styled by Sam Ranger, shot by Aitken Jolly for B Magazine

And it’s not just footwear; clothing is jumping on the comfy bandwagon too.  The sports luxe trend is the perfect way to hit the right fashion notes without strapping yourself in for a day of discomfort.  Loose, silky, tracksuit inspired trousers are the bottoms of choice for 2014. On first glance they look tricky but we urge you to give them a try.  Soft, flattering and office worthy once matched with a sharp blazer, they are so comfy it’s like going to work in your pyjamas.

Don’t worry if sporty chic is not your thing, there are plenty of other comfy fashion items for you to choose from. Mum jeans are tipped to be THE jean style of 2014 and are much more forgiving than their skinny cousins. Yes they take a bit of styling to get the look just right but once you do you will be reluctant to ever pour yourself back into your skinnies. Oversized clothes in general are definitely having a moment; shirts, jumpers, coats – anything goes as long as it’s huge. This is the perfect way to hide those extra Christmas pounds you still haven’t managed to shift yet.


Girlaladmode blogger wears Isabel Marant’s pool slides

So on behalf of girls everywhere let’s say a thank you to comfy fashion. However, best not to get too comfortable, the other big trend this year is the stuff of fashion nightmares…crop tops. Fashion, what it gives with one hand, it takes away with the other!

By Samantha Vandersteen

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