Iconic dresses are more often than not always synonymous with a particular designer or brand which can catapult a woman into unknown realms of popularity, though on rare occasions a garment can claim its iconic prominence through very different avenues.

Over the years a handful of movies have acquired legendary status directly attributed to a particular item of clothing and none more so than that little Blue and White dress from the 1939 classic The Wizard of Oz. Despite the infamous Blue and White gingham dress having no connotations to high fashion or style, surprisingly it has become one of the most instantly recognisable dresses of our time; proving that sometimes it is a deeper meaningful connection between audience and actress that creates a garments memorable charm and Iconic prominence.


Though The Wizard of Oz’s phenomenal success could never be solely attributed to the iconic dress, it is safe to say that for many women growing up Dorothy’s dress was the glorious centrepiece of childhood fantasies and whimsical dreams. The humble pinafore style of the dress meant that girls and women alike from not so wealthy backgrounds could relate to Dorothy’s plight and understand her hopes and dreams. The dresses basic print fabric represented a working class lifestyle and ultimately how that lifestyle can change for the better in surprising ways, offering a crucial emotional lifeline to an audience.

As iconic dresses go there are very few which also encompass an equally legendary pair of shoes. In fact Dorothy’s Ruby slippers may well be the stand-alone example of a truly inspirational ensemble! The beautiful juxtaposition from drab dress to sparkling shoes evokes an incredible sense of achievement and hope, offering audiences a satisfying conclusion to Dorothy’s dilemma.


Dorothy’s dress is a heart-warming reminder that a garments iconic pedigree can never be measured by price tag or label alone. In order for a piece to adopt such credible status an emotional bond has to be established, the sight of said garment needs to conjure up a memory or feeling in order to stir emotions and make a connection. The simple checked pinafore from The Wizard of Oz will be held dear in the hearts of many women as a significant symbol of childhood ambition; never forgotten as long as they live.

Jenna Jones


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