Big was the one word I would use to describe the new Jena.Theo collection. On Friday the 15th, it was time to go back to the graffitied walls of the 90’s where black spray paint dripped from the brickwork and fluorescent yellows, pinks and oranges lined the coats of the kids too cool for school. The Jena.Theo AW13/14 was reminiscent and illustrative of a hip underground skate park party, where the guys showed skill on the ramps and the girls bopped along in bold prints. Rad and trippin’, colloquial words of the 90‘s sprung to mind as we viewed the eclectic colour palette and baggy, effortless shapes. This was a collection quintessential to the brands British and Greek origins and love for abstract street style.

The collection told the story of a modern London tribe, where crowds of David Bowie aspirers form and nod along in sync to the beats booming from retro speakers. Accessories are covered in smiley face badges and iron on motifs, and ponytails slouch to the side. This black drip print skirt, chunky choker and graffiti art t-shirt is an outfit that would neither look out of place in the boroughs of London today or a scene in Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Jena.Theo is a brand I will forever follow now, having loved both their Spring Summer and Autumn Winter 13 collections. They are contemporary, fresh and always bring something fun to the catwalk.

By Marni Banks

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