“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.” ~Karl Lagerfeld~

At the age of five, Jason Bell was given an object that would transform his life, and pave the way to his future career. Today at 3pm at the Chapel Royal at St James’s Palace, he finds himself at the christening of our future King, three-month-old, Prince George Alexander Louis, where he will capture moments that will stand the test of time, and all with the power of a lens. Unlike artists, models, actors and athletes, who are the face of their skill, photographers like Jason, are renowned for allowing their pictures to speak for themselves, and today will be no different. The entire world will be waiting on the edge of their seats for the first images of baby George to emerge on Thursday from the ceremony, (no pressure Jason), which is why we want to bring you the story of the man behind today’s most anticipated lens.


Born in Camden in 1969 to graduating from Oxford University in 1990, Jason is quintessentially British, an attribute which makes him the perfect person to photograph the Royal Family. He has always embraced British projects, and has shot film images for posters of cult classic films which include, Billy Elliot, About A Boy and Love Actually (which you should all be able to picture). It’s clear to see that Jason is proud of his English heritage and this is emphasised through the title of his latest book, ‘An Englishman in New York’.

However, there is one reason above all others, why Jason Bell has been confirmed as the photographer for this high-profile ceremony, his talent with the lens. He is most known for his photographs of leading celebrities for high-end fashion publications, Vogue and Vanity Fair, but his talent stretches far beyond his ability to capture the likes of Jessica Ennis-Hill, Emily Blunt, Tom Ford, Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet in ways no photographer has ever done so before. Jason has shot many short films, took spectacular landscape images and is the photographer behind some of the most powerful advertising campaigns. Portraits of his have been acquired by the National Portrait Gallery for permanent collection, and his list of accomplishments is endless.2011jasonbell02

Today, he will have the privilege of photographing the Queen with three future monarchs in a chapel which holds significant sentimental value to Prince William, as it is the place where he and his brother paid their respects to their mother before her funeral in 1997. We at MSL can already picture how breathtakingly beautiful these images will be, and most importantly, how treasured and loved they will be by the Royal Family.

“Jason is a terrific choice, his portraits are memorable and have a real substance, but he is also a delightful person and makes all his sitters feel at ease.” ~Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman~  

By Hattie Lee

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