You could say that over time girls have become pretty good at shopping. We have it down to a fine art and understand it in a way that a man never could. If planned effectively, shopping is more than something you need to do; it is your cardio, your catch up, your therapy and your “me time”. Each girl has evolved her own unique, successful shopping style but we think they fall into one of these categories.

Safety in Numbers

This girl will never shop alone. She wants her friends there to encourage her, reassure her and, most importantly, to gossip with in the fitting rooms. This is the typical tactic of a novice shopper and most commonly used by teenage girls as they help each other to find their own unique styles. Shopping in large groups also ensures that more ground is covered and that no potential purchases will go unnoticed. Ten eyes are better than two.

The Shopaholic

Never off duty, this girl will take any opportunity to shop. Food shopping, popping in to town to run “errands”; these are all just ruses that feed her need to spend.Even house arrest wouldn’t stop her, as online shopping means she can feed her habit 24/7. She knows sales assistants by name and has more items on her ASOS wishlist that she could ever afford to buy. Don’t try to stop her, don’t hold an intervention, and don’t make her choose between you and shopping. You won’t like the outcome.

Fashion Duo

This cosy shopping duo are never far from each other’s side. They might be best friends, mother and daughter, sisters or even just a girl with her style savvy partner. You can guarantee this pair will know each other inside out, have similar tastes and always be honest with each other. Letting your shopping buddy buy too tight skinny jeans is practically a crime and they take their responsibility to each other very seriously.

The Lone Ranger

Like a silent assassin this girl gets the job done. No fuss, no mess. She shops alone as friends and family would only hold her back or slow her down, in this business it is every girl for herself. She is the girl who will grab that last sale item from right beneath your hand or outbid you on Ebay at the last second. She is always one move ahead and you never even see her coming. If she befriends you, beware; you have something she wants  She is the Keyser Soze of shopping, the stuff of fashion legend.

Over a lifetime a girl will probably toy with each of these shopping styles until she finds her own unique combination that works for her. But if you remember only one thing, let it be this: never underestimate a girl armed with plastic. It’s a dangerous High Street out there.

By Samantha Vandersteen

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