Once you get the travel bug it’s hard to get rid of it. Exploring the world is something we all dream of doing, but very few of us actually manage to save the pennies to go. But those that do, no matter how much preparation and organising they do. There’s always something that life throws at you which you couldn’t quite plan for.

Now it may not seem like a big deal to many people, but as a huge skin care fan, I find it very hard to look after my skin when I am abroad. Now the obvious number one product to have with you at all times is sun cream – we get it drilled into our brains on what seems like a daily basis. So I won’t go into too much detail as to why it’s so important. But what I will say is that for those of you who are interested in getting their tan on; sun cream will protect your tan for longer and stop your skin from drying out as much!

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Net a Porter £55

Another essential skin care product for travel is facial and body oils. If you are traveling to many different places, your skin will endure all types of weather which can really take its toll, especially the face, as it is always exposed. If your skin dries out too much it will start to peel, and we all know that’s not a favoured look! Also when travelling, the thing that no one talks about is how much you sweat! I know it’s not the most glamorous topic but we all do it, so why avoid it? Be sure to take a good face wash with you – this will stop your pores clogging and prevent spots. Quinoderm is a product I have been using twice a day and it has really cleared my skin up. However face washes tend to dry the skin out so be sure to apply the oil and moisturiser after use. Your hair may also start to feel dry when exploring extreme weather changes, so it definitely wouldn’t hurt to take a hair oil along with you too.

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Net a Porter £18

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Net a Porter £65

One thing I love about travel is that it’s all about natural beauty! No make up is necessary at all, so make sure you’re caring for your skin the best you can, so that you look fresh faced, tanned and healthy in your travel pics!

By Connie O’Neill

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