It’s hard not to love Giles Deacon. From his uniquely playful designs to his collaborations with high street retailer New Look, it’s almost like he has a sixth sense for what woman want. Well here he goes reading our minds again this week as he launches his new jewellery collection, Libertine.

The words ‘quirky’ and ‘unpredictable’ are often heard when describing Giles Deacon’s designs and if you are a fan of his then his jewellery collection will not disappoint. From the sailor necklace to the scorpio claw bangle, the collection is full of cute, (here it is again) quirky designs to make you smile and that belie their affordable price tag. With prices starting from £14, the range launches this week and is available at QVC so everyone can have a piece of Giles.

The great thing about Giles Deacon is that there is no sniff of designer snobbery; his designs are to be loved and worn by everyone; whether he is designing for high street or high end, every customer is treated the same. Reflecting Giles’ brand ethos that women should have fun with their wardrobe and wear their clothes with confidence, the gold tone pieces with Swarovski elements are conversation starters for women who want to get noticed.

Giles’ clothing collections tend to take their inspiration from current popular culture but for Libertine he finds inspiration in history, with a touch of Edwardian excess and a nod to the loveable rogues of the era. Historically, the tag libertine has been given to individuals who seek a life of decadence and hedonism whilst Giles describes a Libertine as “a free spirited individual that ignores constraints defined by the larger society and whose thinking goes beyond mainstream idea”.

Thanks to the affordable price tag we don’t need to be hedonists to enjoy this collection, so why not snap up a piece of Libertine while we all wait excitedly to see what Giles is going to do next?

By Samantha Vandersteen

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