Monday mornings require a pair of comfy jeans, dress down Friday’s are all about wearing our favourite denims and Saturday nights were made for a flattering pair of skinnies. By the end of the week, your jean collection has come in good use and you’ve donned at least 2 different styles or colours. Jeans are part of the fashion bible; they are not a one hit wonder and never will be. Jeans are the A-list celebrities of the fashion world. We love them, we wear them, we collect them, and we sure cant get enough of them.

The birth of jeans can be traced right back to the 19th century, when they were first designed as uniform for farm labourers and miners of America’s Western states. They were durable, tough and needn’t be washed too frequently making the life of a gold miner that bit easier. However, the problem lied in the pockets, which would easily tear away from the jeans. Thanks to a novice tailor, Jacob Davis and his agreement with Levi Strauss to patent the idea, jeans were soon made with copper rivets and stamped with the name Levi’s, which are still worn today.

Before long, the branded label which showed a pair of jeans pulled between two horses became instantly recognisable of the high quality Levi’s. The memorable image caught the attention of not only the public, but media moguls, companies and Hollywood directors who were big on western movies at the time. Seeing them on the big screen popularized jeans beyond measurement and they promptly became a statement piece of clothing for young, rebellious subcultures during the 1950‘s. Character James Dean in the 1955 movie ‘Rebel Without a Cause’ played a big part in this, showing youths that jeans were an alternative way to say no to social norms and mundanity. Casual wear jeans were a far cry from the tailored formal suit trousers and floor length dresses previously offered to men and women. They were the answer to everyone’s fashion phobia’s and could allow people to express whoever they wanted to be. Kudos Levi!

The 1980s marked the time when jeans finally became high fashion and designers began incorporating them in their designs. Today, it is impossible to escape a pair of jeans and the older, more diverse and authentic, the better. White jeans, blue jeans, skinny jeans, flared jeans, cropped jeans, cut up jeans, boyfriend jeans, old Levi’s new Levi’s – you name it, the high street has it. I would go as far as saying they are the most understood fashion item in the world. You only need to go into your nearest Levi’s, Tommy Hilfiger or vintage shop to see this. Categorised into waist size, leg length, wash, and now the new hip to waist ratio measurement, every shape and personality has a style of jeans made for them.

It is hard to convey exactly how universally appreciated jeans are, and so we thought we would get together some quotes from some of our favourite fashion icons to celebrate their legendary, famous and acclaimed status.

“I have often said that I wish I had invented blue jeans: the most spectacular, the most practical, the most relaxed and nonchalant. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity.” Yves Saint Laurent

“I have jeans with holes in them and I have nice jeans. I have casual and I have dressy jeans. I’ve got all kinds.” Amanda Seyfried

“I’m like every other woman: a closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear: So I wear jeans.” Cameron Diaz


By Marni Banks

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