Many of you will know that I am fascinated with the possibilities of disruptive technology. Something in my brain triggers when I see the opportunity for some different thinking. I marvel at what people do to explore and extend the vast array of solutions that result from putting two or three opposing things together to create something new.

Last Saturday at the Barbican Theatre I watched the American Lucinda Childs Dance Company perform a classic 1979 dance piece. The performance was a collaboration between Lucinda Childs, composer Philip Glass and visual artist Sol LeWitt. The wonder of this performance was that it challenged our point of view as live and filmed dancers and the music interacted with each other. The set was minimal, the dancers were dressed in white and the visual illusions were magical. And what I really liked was the power and story of minimalism told via people interacting with technology.

Next week MSL celebrates its first anniversary and at our party at The Ivy Club. At the party, I will be revealing our latest product that uses interactive technology to find out more about people and their fashion stories. We have been working with experts at Imperial College and have developed an amazing application that our guests will have the opportunity to play with. We have piloted our concept and like any creative process we have taken the feedback to develop our new product to show people something that they don’t already know and that they didn’t know they needed!

Our guests at The Ivy Club will play with our new invention and hopefully sign up to our new product. So while not everyone can be at our anniversary event do keep in touch as I am sure that you will also want to use your mobile phone to join us in our latest venture.

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