Hannah arrived at MSL Headquarters in a floral green dress given to her as a gift from a friend in South Africa, just one of the many global locations she has resided in over recent years. Her energy is infectious, and it is instantly clear that the work she does is the perfect way for her to channel her creativity into an industrious and rewarding career. As founder and director of Image Consultancy firm ‘Find My Style’, Hannah finds her daily routine varies from style and colour consultancy with personal and corporate clients, to visiting schools where she is able to help students develop their understanding of personal style and emphasise the changes it can inspire in their self confidence.

With every new business venture comes a package of exciting challenges and opportunities, and Hannah notes that the key is ‘to know what the right and wrong choices are for your business and to give yourself clear direction’. Working independently has also allowed her to appreciate the significant role of clothes in a woman’s identity and life story: ‘encouraging the personal relationship between women and their clothes’ is what she finds most relatable about the work carried out here at Maggie Semple Ltd.

A red vintage dress comes to mind when Hannah thinks of a treasured item of clothing. Purchased at the East End Thrift shop three years ago, she adapted the neckline to suit her own style and has developed a strong emotional attachment to the dress, even wearing it on one of the first dates with her current partner. ‘Amazing,’ she recalls as the way it makes her feel, ‘every time.’

Taking inspiration from Lynne Nicoll of ‘The Style Alchemist’, who helped her through the Image Consultancy training, Hannah recognises the importance of developing a personality in your own wardrobe. The way women relate to and feel in their clothes is essential, and Hannah leaves us with her advice to ‘always accessorise. You can make any outfit look amazing by what accessories you pair with it.’

Find My Style – www.findmystyle.co.uk
The Style Alchemist – www.thestylealchemist.com

Sarah Birch


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  1. lalanniek@yahoo.com'
    Lalannie Knoll

    I met Hannah whilst living in London in 2006/8 and have learnt so much from her with regard to fashion and finding your own style.

    She is truly an inspiration in more ways than one. Her fashion-forward thinking is witty and spot on!

    Hannah rocks fashion!!!

  2. Semple

    Thank you! We will try and keep it up…a story from LA would be great for us. So if you know anyone please let us know…Semple

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