The fashion industry is probably one of the most fast paced and successful sectors out there, bringing an outstanding £26 billion to the British economy. But of course we all know that with this Bolt-like pace comes a conveyor belt of trends and fashion fads that are treated more like hot potatoes than investments. Fast fashion is an ever growing problem for some, with the implications effecting our environment at most. But on a less serious note, I wanted to dedicate this post to the trends that never really were. Those that had no grip on longevity. The trends that we caption “what was I thinking?!” on our weekly #tbt post on Instagram.

To start off, let’s remind ourselves of how amazingly wrong a tassel trend can be. Those 90s school days listening to All Saints and Blue, swinging along in bright blue combat trousers with lethally vile tassels joined by an equally hideous patch of velcro. Despite their maximum comfort and fluidity of movement, especially for the inner hip-hop dancer inside us all, tasselled combats were gone before they ever really arrived. However, they will always hold a place in my fashion memory, albeit with a big red X next to them.

Doing things in two is one of my favourite trends at the moment. There is nothing I love more than an androgynous coordinated suit or matching heel and handbag combination. But I think the cardigan and string top was one step too far. In fact this step was too far that it walked right off the catwalk, out the high street shops and into the fashion graveyard. Ageing us even in our very early teens, the twin set trend was huge, championed most by teen twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. But despite their endorsement, they soon dissolved away. Thankfully!

On a more contemporary note, I think it might be safe to say the fast food trend will never really catch on. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the infamous Moschino McDonald’s dress worn by Anna Dello Russo will never become a wardrobe essential. It’s fun, it gets people talking and it shows some humour, but wearing your favourite fast food brand is not something we will all be doing in years to come.

These gone but not forgotten trends show how synonymous fashion and memories are. We loved them, we overdid them and then we got over them. But no matter how short lived they might have been, there will forever be remembered.

By Marni Banks

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