As I’m sure you have all heard by now Semple have a fantastic new blogger on board – Professional MUA Hannah Louise Serjeant will be blogging all things beauty in her monthly posts so stay tuned for her tips, advise and must try products. – Sophie Maguire, Editor

Nanshy Makeup brushes

These makeup brushes are fantastic. I am a loyal MAC brush user and these definitely compare! I have taken them on a few jobs to try them out and they will 100% be staying in my makeup kit. The clients I used them on even commented on how soft they felt. I used them to blend foundation, contour and apply powder and they left a fantastic finish. The brushes are all vegan and animal cruelty free which is amazing, the quality is fantastic, great for professional and personal use.

Ayurveda Pura Holistic Essentials

Toner – It took me a little while to get used to this product as it has a very strong scent and felt quite oily, which always makes me wary as I have very sensitive skin. However I didn’t have any reactions to it and it made my skin feel like it had been thoroughly cleaned. It did leave me with a bit of redness as most toners do and a tight feeling on my skin. If you like this feeling I would definitely recommend it. Possibly not for those with super sensitive skin.


Daily Face cream – This again has a very strong scent, it reminds me of the smell you get in a spa. You only need a small pea sized amount to cover the whole face. This product surprised me as it went on quite thick so I expected a greasy finish. However, within about a minute it had completely soaked in to my skin and it felt velvety and smooth to the touch. I was left with that ‘tight’ feeling again so these products are great if you like that. For me personally, I prefer something milder.


Body lotion – Like the face cream it soaked in to my skin within a minute and didn’t leave that greasy feeling. I get eczema on my arms and this actually helped to dry it up and did not irritate it which was great!


Karora Gradual Tan Golden Girl light/medium

I was very impressed with this product as I do a lot of sport so fake tans tend to just sweat off me and go all patchy. I wanted to put this one through its paces so I applied it to my arms and legs one evening and went to my exercise class the following morning. The tan had developed nicely over night, I had also applied it in a bit of a rush and it didn’t look streaky. After my class I showered and noticed it had faded a bit in the creases of my arms. However, it didn’t look obvious and had only faded slightly.

I applied it 3x in one week and it went a really nice natural colour, not orange! I’m not sure what the darker shade would be like but I really like the light/medium shade. When it faded it did go slightly patchy but on the whole it faded really well. Probably the best slow developing tan I have tried so far as it withstood all my sporting activities really well!


By Hannah Serjeant

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