“Children are not things to be moulded but people to be unfolded” – Jess Lair

There is currently a media frenzy surrounding the miniature versions of some of our biggest fashion and showbiz icons. Children to the stars grow up surrounded by paparazzi and double page spreads of how they have already gained celebrity statuses by the time they are toddlers. Dressed head to toe in designer clothes as opposed to our siblings outgrown hand-me-downs, they are born as icons in more ways than one. The expectations that surround them are disproportionate and in my opinion quite sickening. I mean, how can a baby that doesn’t even know what a crown is already have expectations flying around to one day rule the country and become “one of the greatest leaders of all time”?

George Alexander Louis Mountbatten-Windsor, North West, Blue Ivy, Harper Beckham and Alia Wang have already been labelled the next generation of royal members, fashion and music icons. Their futures have been mapped out for them before they have had a chance to learn and discover who they are. This might be deemed inevitable with such famous parents, and I would like to believe they will all turn out to be charming individuals. But the track record tells a different story. We are all too familiar with stars whose fame peaked before they could even spell the word and who are now spending time in and out of rehab and trending on twitter for all the wrong reasons.

Blue Ivy: “You two dont stand a chance, I run the world.” Harper: Whatever my dad is better than yours.

George; “Girls, please, I will be king one day so…”

North West: “No pictures please.”

Kim tweets the designer threads gifted to baby North.Alia: “I’m wearing Wang of course darling”.

Lindsay Lohan had it all going for her. In her debut film ‘Parent Trap’, she was given the role to play both twins. Effortlessly, she stunned the film industry and audiences with her innocent charm, youthful freckles and natural take to the camera. She was the next big thing, but is now the next in line for an intervention. Likewise, Macaulay Culkin was once the prince of the Christmas family films, thanks to his performances as Kevin McCallister in ‘Home Alone’. Where is he now? Battling drug addictions and looking like someone you would cross the road to avoid. And lets not forget the dramatic down fall of Miley Cyrus and Amanda Bynes.

Amanda appears at court in an interesting choice of wig, while Li Lo racks up a few mugshots and Macaulay has seen better days.

Children are the future and recognising their potential is a great thing. However the little ones have enough on their plate before we start adding expectations to perform a standing ovation act or design the next must-have accessory. With a probable 17 years of education ahead of them and all the high and lows that come with adolescence, we must remember that whilst they may be adorable miniature versions of our favourite celebs, we need to keep our hopes for them tamed and let then grow into their own.

By Marni Banks

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