Emily’s Story by Zoe Dickens

Emily is a nineteen year old psychology student from Exeter. She volunteers part time at Headway Brain Injury Unit and is involved in animal behaviour research projects. Emily defines her style as ‘traditionally British and essentially feminine – very floaty and floral.’ Being relatively busy and often cash strapped, as is often the way with student life, she says that the rise in online shopping has had a great impact on the way she dresses and the influence fashion has on her life.

‘I often look for inspiration from my personal style icons; people like Ellie Goulding and Sienna Miller or spend time window shopping the recent designer collections – at the moment I’m in love with the spring lines from Chloe and Topshop Unique. Obviously it is very rare that I can actually afford the things I see but sites like asos.com allow me to obtain pieces which are very similar. I’ve also always been a fan of vintage stores, the clothes feel special and unique and if I can get them delivered to my door then so much the better!’

Indeed, Emily’s most treasured item comes in the form of a vintage men’s cricket sweater from the 1980’s. ‘It’s quintessential Englishness appealed to me. Its public school stripes speak of an age when gentlemen were really gentlemen but the ivory cable knit gives it a cosy, womanly feel. My boyfriend took me to the Cotswolds for a romantic weekend getaway last year and it was the perfect companion – it felt so in tone with the rugged yet homely countryside.’

‘I never throw anything away and have often been surprised by the style potential of my grandparent’s wardrobes. If I feel good in something then I wear it with pride and confidence and would urge others to do the same. It’s pointless listening to other people because in the end your opinion of yourself is the only one which matters.’

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