Valentines Day Comp Winner – ‘Just Wanna Be Loved By You.’

“The real lover is the man who can thrill you by kissing your forehead or smiling into your eyes or just staring into space.” – Marilyn Monroe.

When people think of Marilyn Monroe, they often don’t see past ‘the sex symbol’, but she has recently been recognized as a fashion icon by young women. I grew up with the tales of Marilyn Monroe and like many others I was entranced by her. Not only by her looks but by her dreams and the way she cunningly disguised every emotion with a beautiful outfit. Monroe was raised in a string of broken homes and spent her life desperately searching for love and security. In June 1956, Marilyn landed on her feet marrying the respectable playwright Arthur Miller. Miller felt protective towards Monroe and Monroe admired him greatly, not only as a lover, but as a teacher. Miller describes meeting Marilyn in a way that can only advertise love at first sight, “When we shook hands, the shock of her body’s motion sped through me.”, and even more so on their wedding day the stories in their eyes and a gold ring engraved “A. to M., June 1956. Now is forever” showed their romance remained prominent.

Marilyn had the pleasure of parading hundreds of lavish, unique dresses by many esteemed designers such as William Travilla. This made her shine out, leaving other starlets in her shadow. For her carefully planned image Marilyn made many alterations to herself however in her privet time she was rarely adorned and would relax in Capri pants and sweaters. A complete 180 to when she was in the spotlight, flaunting her perfect hourglass figure which had led her into the Hollywood world to begin with.

Contrasting Monroe’s usual extravagant attire her wedding dress designed by John Moore presented the world with a new Marilyn, displaying a vulnerability that the public were not used to seeing. A rare glimpse of the real Norma Jean (Monroe’s given name) finally content with her life as she looks dotingly at her new husband. John Moore’s dress also exhibits Marilyn’s new maturity that developed during her time with Miller. This dress is simple and elegant, reflecting Monroe’s innocence as well as the dream of the women she hoped to become. Unlike her big screen outfits this dress covers a great deal of her body but her figure remains proudly shown wrapped with beige chiffon. Most women see their wedding day as a chance to show off and grab attention, whereas Monroe – no stranger to the light, seems to show her commitment on her wedding day by hiding her body and dressing only to please her husband and herself. The elegance and difference of this dress compared to all of her others creates romance of its own, as Marilyn obviously feels comfortable enough with her love to present the real her.

A wedding dress is an extremely personal choice and can tell a lot about the relationship of the happy couple.

By Georgina Amelia

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