Hats off to Easter Bonnet’s

Easter is just around the corner, and whilst many of us may only associate this holiday with chocolate eggs and Easter bunnies, a little digging around and we discovered that it was once a tradition that new clothes should be worn at Easter, especially a new hat, or ‘Easter bonnet’ as they were commonly known. Here at MSL we’re always looking out for new ways to be fabulous, and therefore want to bring the hat-wearing tradition back to life. A hat is a fine addition to any outfit and is reminiscent of a grander time, when ladies and gentlemen would take to the streets for the annual Easter parade, dressed in their finery and wearing decadent hats adorned with flowers for the ladies and feathers for the men.

Nowadays such grandeur is usually only confined to the races and weddings, which in my opinion, is a shame. A hat – or any kind of headwear for that matter – is a perfect finishing touch to any outfit. Whatever look you’re going for, there is a hat to go with it. Anyone can pull it off, once they find the style for them. For bright spring days, a fedora or trilby can add a touch of class and edginess to the day’s proceedings, as well as being the ultimate accessory in the chic stakes. For carefree days spent in the summer sun, one simply cannot go wrong with a straw boater, which creates the image of someone who has just stepped from a seaside resort in the 1950s.

Then there are those days when an exquisite hat is a must. A day at the races, a chic garden party or a wedding, and a hat is just the ticket to take an outfit out of the realms of safe sophistication and into the world of unforgettable. These are the days that are to be looked upon in years to come with fond memories of feeling like a million dollars. Hats like those from world-class milliner Stephen Jones are the most divine way to steal the show; sky-high affairs with feathers, netting and jewels, asymmetric wide brims, boxy and chic, whimsical and quaint or just plain outrageous. There is a hat to suit every personality and every occasion.

So this Easter, make like a 1920s starlet, a ‘50s pinup, or a modern day girl about town, and put on a hat.

Jessica Allen-Summers


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