MSL meet Jessica Perez Vidal, AKA Miss Trendy Barcelona, to get some sound advice on choosing the perfect outfit for every occasion and how always staying true to yourself is of the utmost importance for us women.

Full name and age?
Jessica Pérez Vidal, 29 years old

Where are you based?

Tell us a bit about yourself ?
I am an enthusiastic, optimistic and courageous person. But if I had to describe myself it would be a fighter. I love to travel to lively areas and discover new places. I am happy on the beach, to feel relaxed I used to lay in the sun. Japanese food in good company is always a good plan for me, but also staying at home and watching a movie eating sweet popcorn. And of course I like to go shopping. For me, happiness is to enjoy thw little details that life brings every day.

Tell us about your career?
I have a Degree in Advertising & Public Relations. I worked for 5 years in Advertising and Marketing. Nowadays, I have reoriented my career towards the world of Styling. I want to increase my knowledge in Fashion Styling, to undertake my own project: 360 Image Consulting Company.

What can a reader expect from your blog?
My blog is mostly natural and unpretentious. I am what you see. My outfits are designed mainly for day to day. I want to inspire working women and passers by. I also want to give ideas for those moments where we need more sophisticated clothes, such as a special dinner, a wedding or a special moment. I always try to go a little further than the explanation of the look, and explain the reasons for that choice. On every occasion one can use multiple combinations or alternatives. I recently added a section designed to solve outfits to my readers. They ask me about where to find a particular piece of clothing or what to wear to a wedding, a business meeting, among other events.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced professionally?
Undoubtedly, to start my own Image Consulting Company.

Do you have a treasured piece of clothing that you have kept hold of?
My first Louis Vuitton handbag.

What is the story behind the item?
I always wanted a Louis Vuitton handbag, the small one. One day, my mother took me to the store and told me it was my Christmas gift. It is more than 10 years old and I’ve had to change the strap a couple of times, but I still keep it in its original case as its a very special piece.

And why is it special to you?
My parents knew that it was a dream come true for me to own such a handbag. I remember that it rained a lot that day, and we got soaked on the way to the Vuitton store. I will always remember the green and orange fluor packaging.

What woman inspires you most?
Women like Audrey Hepburn are a reference and a source of inspiration. She is pure elegance. My leitmotiv is “less is more.” I like the sophistication without excessive embellishments.

What was the last book you read/exhibition you saw?
1Q84, Haruki Murakami. I have a special attraction for the Murakami’s world. I like how he builds his characters. They are fragile, tormented and wrestlers. I’m surprised with new adventures in an imaginary world. “Tokyo Blues” was the first book of his I read and it has become my favourite novel.

What is your greatest love in life?
I am passionate about fashion. I like everything about it. As a child I loved to pretend I was a shop assistant and spent time making outfits. Now, I do pursue my love of fashion through my blog my blog. I’m making my passion my job.

And lastly tell us an interesting fact or tip?
It’s important not to imitate others style or get carried away by tendencies. You really need to know who you are and be aware of what suits you. To know what you want to project and what you are projecting to the world.

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