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For those of you who visit our website every so often you will have noticed that we have had a makeover. Gone is the black welcoming page with the brand logo and instead there is a bright landing page that helps you navigate your way around. Our new website was designed by the patient and wonderful Stewart Vallely of Fiddy Designs. We responded to your feedback so take a look if you haven’t visited us recently.

Interestingly, our feedback came in a variety of ways. We pay great attention to our website analytics and found that our global reach was good but could have been even better.  For example, visitors thought that the black welcoming page wasn’t that welcoming. We created our website when MSL began in 2010 and of course, the visitor expectation and experience has changed in the last five years.

At MSL we have become smarter too about the customer experience in terms of e-commerce. Our latest magazine Semple VII published a few weeks ago is much easier to purchase as are our other products.

However, the aspect that fascinated me most was understanding how every click, swipe, link and transaction that each of us makes online, connects data with more data. For some of us, this virtual connecting not only appears out of our control but can be annoying. After all, in the real world we choose who we connect with.

It was with this in mind that I spoke to Frances, my business partner of our soon to be launched women’s clothing range. Frances was a former Marks & Spencer senior executive and she brings to our company a valuable and unique perspective: business savvy with creativity.

We had an idea. Frances arranges flowers for her local community and we decided to upload one of her images to this blog and therefore our website. We will use social media to promote her photo and follow where it goes.  A simple experiment – if you like her flowers let others know virtually but don’t worry we won’t geo tag you. You can trust us!

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