In fashion what goes around comes around. In the space of a few years that dress that you were adamant was ‘so last season’ can quite literally be resurrected from the fashion ashes and once again become the ‘next big thing’. I can’t count the amount of times my own mother has nostalgically reminisced as I’d walk through the door clutching the latest trend, only to be informed that she once owned something ‘just like that’ years before. But it seems that now, at 27 years of age, I am experiencing my very own fashion revival as trends that saw me through my nineties youth are slowly resurfacing and let me tell you, it’s like taking a bullet! Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled that I’m getting to relive my somewhat confused sartorial youth through my wiser, and I hope, more style conscious eyes, but have I really been on this earth long enough for fashion trends to come full circle? Well yes unfortunately it seems I have!

So despite my bittersweet state of mind, here are some of my must haves for channelling the nineties: noughties style.


No true nineties childhood was complete without a draw, box, or bucket full of hair scrunchies. Available in every colour, texture, shape, and size imaginable, the scrunchie was the accessory to end all accessories and no outfit was quite complete without a complimentary piece of hair candy. Scrunchies of the noughties are predominantly velvet and, in my opinion, sadly lacking in glitter or sequins, but either way they are back for all to embrace.

hairShiny Scrunchie £6 American ApparelGingham Scrunchie £4 Topshop ,Vintage Renewal Scrunchies £6 Urban Outfitters 

Strappy dresses

Spaghetti strap minis were the dress of the nineties. Whether it was school disco chic, or Posh at the pinnacle of Spice Girls mania, the strappy little number was always a safe bet. Grab your own little bit of nineties nostalgia in a cute ditsy print, or if your feeling really retro team it with a short sleeved white tee for a casual day look.

dresPop Boutique 90s Strappy Dress £20.50 ASOSPins & Needles Floral Slip Dress £38 Urban Outfitters Smaria Velvet Strappy Mini Dress £19.99 Missguided


No where has the nineties revival been more evident than when it comes to footwear. Everywhere you turn there’s a pair of Ju Ju Jellies or chunky flatform sandals and it doesn’t stop there, as the strappy barely there heels of way back when are also back on top. So say goodbye to your peep toe stilettos and thong flip flops and enjoy a blast from the past with some seriously retro footwear.

shoesJuJu Jellies £25 SchuhWhite Chunky Cleated Sole Gladiator Sandals £29.99 New Look Beige Contrast Strap Barely There Sandals £45 River Island 

And the moral of the story…don’t be too quick to judge as I’ll bet my bottom dollar that that ‘what was I thinking’ top, dress, or skirt your about to throw in the trash will be back to haunt you sooner than you think!

By Jenna Jones

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