Eco-friendly, green, sustainable…they’re all buzz words of the moment which we’re told we should be aspiring to. And perhaps as responsible consumers, we should care as much about the “responsibility” of our clothing as we do about the “quality” of our clothing. Well H&M is taking steps to make it that little bit easier for us.

Despite previous catastrophes involving factory disasters in the third world, H&M has become known as a brand with a moral conscience. In November last year, magazines and newspapers alike were filled with reports that the Swedish fashion brand had pledged to pay a living wage to 850,000 textile workers after expressing frustration over the absence of action by governments to address working conditions in Asian factories in the wake of the Rana Plaza disaster.

Now the retailer has gone a step further with its eco-friendly credentials – the biggest user of organic cotton in the world is set to release its new H&M Conscious Exclusive Spring Collection on April 10.


Together with Elizabeth von Guttman and Alexia Niedzielski of the sustainable fashion and design think tank Ever Manifesto, the new line from H&M is environmentally conscious, extending its existing successfuenvironmentally conscious.



The debut range features an array of evening-appropriate clothing and accessories for both men and women. Inspired by rural Spain and with Bohemian influences, the dresses are created with light and wispy fabrics, ruffled skirts and tailored bustiers in gorgeous prints, so they are perfect for the upcoming warmer weather (fingers-crossed!).

The range features a mix of sharp tailoring and ultra feminine details with standout styles including a floor-length dusky pink backless dress made from 100 percent recycled polyester, and an organic cotton-mix three piece suit, as well as a white embroidered dress with sheer sleeves and an asymmetric train. Other sustainable materials new this year include, vegetable tanned leather and organic silk. The collection showcases a mix of metallic and rich prints. If you’re strapped for cash, some of the more romantic styles could be perfect for a summer wedding!



There is a force in fashion which is pushing for sustainability and more responsibility and it seems that H&M are looking to lead the way and help us buy better.

By Olivia Parish

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