In recent years it seems that the Christmas jumper has made a significant reprisal and the common rule being; the uglier, the better. From Joe public to Joseph Gordon-Levitt everyone’s getting in on the act, sporting an array of knitted snow scenes and clever Christmas puns – what’s not to love?

Walk into any store on the high street in December and you’ll be greeted by a number of hideous Christmas jumpers just waiting to be adorned, but it’s even worse online. Sales and advertisements follow you around the web, pulling you in with their price tags and intricate designs whilst you hope that you won’t turn up to your Christmas party in the same jumper as your colleague – originality after all, is the key to a cracking sweater.

So from the offensive, to the chic there’s a jumper for everyone. Here’s our top 10 Christmas jumpers of the 2015 holiday season…



Next | £22

You can wear this and still look relatively sane, you might even get away with it in a business meeting!



New Look | £19

If only so we know who we can kiss under the mistletoe – because trust us, no one wants to waste their time on a Grinch.



Stylos Fashion | £14.99

Even though it’s been almost 2 years, we still can’t ‘Let It Go’.



Cheesy Christmas Jumpers | £54.99

Now you and your bestie don’t ever have to be apart! Dreams really do come true.



Primark | £12

So, so hideous…we love it! If you need any more convincing you should probably know that this jumper also starts singing at the touch of a button. Need we say more?



More T Vicar? | £25.99

Repeat after me: “Destiny’s Child had one of the best songs of all times.” Lest we forget the glory that was, and still is, ‘Say My Name’.



ASOS | £38

We can’t even tell if this guy is wearing a Christmas jumper or not, because we can’t stop staring at his face. *adds to Christmas list*



Brave Soul | £33

We love nothing more than a pun here at Semple and this has got to be one of the best. Gold star Brave Soul, oh come let us adore you!



Not On The Highstreet | £29

Ho ho ho prosecco. It’s the stuff Christmas dreams are made of! 



Crimbo Freaks | £29

Winner, winner, turkey dinner! Hmm what could we possibly love about this Christmas jumper? The contrasting cuffs of course…

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