Transitional dressing can be tricky. When it’s not quite warm enough without a jacket but still not cold enough to warrant a winter coat. The whole situation can be quite confusing and frankly every woman’s nightmare. But what if I told you that fashions best friend, the oh so versatile summer kimono, has evolved for a/w offering the perfect transitional cover up to get you through this traumatic seasonal adjustment.

Cape, poncho, shawl, call it what you will, the sartorial saviour was spotted at many an a/w fashion show and is now making it’s debut as the cool air that marks the start of autumn fast approaches. Whether it was pure cashmere courtesy of The Row or patterns by Prorsum, no model was quite complete without the obligatory blanket gracing her shoulders, and it’s easy to see why as the versatile wrap really is functional fashion at its best.


The Row, Burberry, Roberto Cavalli. Images courtesy of

The very nature of the trusty cape lends itself to practically all styling scenarios. Dressed up or down, over layers or just adeptly draped over a shoulder, a cape really can compliment any outfit. Do like Cara D and layer it over an on trend duster coat for instant casual chic or take note from Olivia P who has been papped in her Burberry blanket on more than one occasion.


Images courtesy of Splash News

But don’t let the hefty Burberry price tag of $1,395 (£842) put you off because as with many a designer hit, the great British high street is hot on their heels with affordable options for the more modest of budgets.


Aztec cape, £25, Miss Selfridge


Reversible cape, £25, ASOS | Black geometric print faux fur trim cape, £35, River Island

So go on ladies, make like Batman and drape your cape with style this season!

By Jenna Jones


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