On Wednesday 26th November, my sister and I went to see the Bryan Adams Reckless Anniversary Tour at Wembley Arena – now I wouldn’t exactly call it ‘reckless’ as Bryan’s age is now beginning to show, but my God he can still rock a guitar and read a crowd!


With 11 studio albums under his belt so far, all jam packed with hits, it’s no wonder that the crowd were re-living their youth and letting go. The beer was flowing, couples were singing and dancing and they weren’t shy in crowding to the front for the encore – usually with an older crowd, they prefer to sit down and tap their feet along to the music; but with the likes of Summer of ’69 and a jammed up version of It’s Only Love how could anyone sit calmly? Bryan’s almost 40 year career has seen him play to numerous crowds, so it’s no surprise he effortlessly glides around the stage making a 12,500 capacity stadium feel like a small intimate gig – interacting with the crowd and adhoc snippets of dialogue give the show a personal touch.


Acoustic versions of Let Me Down Easy and Please Forgive Me gave me goose bumps but also had me wondering how a man that can write and sing such wonderful love songs could find it so hard to settle down and fall in love for so long. It’s not uncommon for legends to find it hard to fall in love, and Bryan has most definitely tried by dating the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, Elle Macpherson and was even rumoured to have had a fling with Princess Diana! But things may be turning around for this lonely heart as Bryan and his PA Alicia Grimaldi had their first daughter, Bunny together in 2011 and welcomed second daughter, Rosylea in 2013.

One things for sure, whether you know Bryan’s songs or not, you’re going to have a great time watching him perform live!

By Talia Maguire

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