If you haven’t been to Bristol, you should go. And if you do decide to go, go at Christmas. I went to bristol for the first time last year, after my sister moved there for university and I feel in love with the place. For one the shopping is brilliant, from Cabot Circus for all your trusted favourite stores to Park Street which is lined with quaint and individual shops you wont find anywhere else. For lovers of vintage, music and books Bristol is an absolute must.


When it comes to eating out in Bristol you are spoilt for choice and for those among us that love nothing more than stumbling upon an independent eatry and sinking their teeth into some local grub, this is home. You can guzzle cider that is so potent they only serve it in half pints, you can take time and stop to listen to the buskers; who are seriously good. You can meander around taking in the sights and sounds of a graffiti artists city, that is somehow both a live and at peace. No one is rushing, pushing or barging. Everyone just co exists in their own unique chilled out Bristolian way and it’s brilliant. There is just something about Bristol thats gets under your skin.


So last weekend I set off to visit my sister for some Christmas shopping and festive fun in the only place I knew I would find both and our first stop was Bristol’s German Market.

Now not as huge as the Winter Wonderland of London and lacking the fairground rides (what a pity), Bristol’s take on German Markets is far more subtle. It’s pretty and simple and has everything you need; the steins of beer and cups of mulled wine and Christmas tunes sang by their very own German native pub signer, dressed in the appropriate lederhosen (in your face London). The German sausages, cheese and cured meats and candied nuts to finish.




People drank ate and sang along, one women even taking it upon herself to get up for a dance, why not it’s Christmas. It is this kind of cookie attitude to life that makes Bristol so endearing; they just don’t care. And to top it all off I didn’t spot any rowdy teens, no fights and there where no screaming children hanging from the side of the £3 a go ferris wheel. It was chilled out, laid back, good times all round.

So London as much as you are home and I Love you, you can keep your Winter Wonderland, your pricey rides and pushing crowds. I’ll take Bristol any day.

By Sophie Maguire

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