A whopping 65% of us will go online this Christmas day, according to a specially commissioned study by open cloud company Rackspace. So if your sitting at home reading this in between opening presents and eating your body weight in brussels feel safe in the knowledge that you are in fact part of the majority! Because lets face it, the internet, or more importantly social media has become a pivotal part of our everyday lives, and the mere thought of going cold turkey (sorry!) from the tablet even for one day seems, well quite frankly absurd!

As well as penning witty weekly blog posts for our fabulous blog, my role at Semple is that of Social Media Manager, so for me the question of whether or not i’ll be partaking in a little light social media interaction on Christmas day is a moot point. While no doubt certain members of my family – who still struggle with the complex art of texting – tut in disgust each time my phone vibrates across the present strewn floor!

5042764163_15405340fe_bAnd my question is why? Why shouldn’t we embrace the fact that the world has become a more connected place? Is there really any harm in me updating my Facebook status with festive seasons greetings or tweeting my best friend a picture of myself in a ridiculous Christmas onesie? Perhaps it is just a fear of the unknown on the part of the minority, to them it may comes across as a trivial waste of time as it hasn’t become a part of their everyday lives in the way it has ours.

But love it or loathe it social media is here to stay, with its presence becoming evermore powerful every year. For our generation it has become as much a part of the Christmas day agenda as pulling crackers and watching the Queens speech. So to tweet or not to tweet that is the question…well for Semple it’s quite simply a no brainer, #MerryChristmas!

By Jenna Jones

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