Many trends have been resurfacing recently; crop tops, culottes, DMs, but it’s not often they resurface quite so quickly. You’d be forgiven if you didn’t quite remember nineties fashion the first time around (just) but who doesn’t remember boho? Who didn’t spend the summer of 2005 wafting around in peasant skirts and floaty dresses? Well apparently you can’t keep a good trend down because boho is back!

Boho was one of those trends that no one saw coming until they were already encased in gladiator sandals and wearing a headband of flowers. Suddenly it was everywhere, embodied by Kate Moss and Sienna Miller who despite the “love not war” vibe of this look were rumoured to be involved in an embittered battle over the right to the title of Queen of Boho. The explosion of the festival scene in the UK powered this look; where better to embrace boho than in the middle of a field listening to a bit of rock ‘n’ roll?

But the carefree dream of boho suddenly started to feel a bit too whimsical when the recession hit and recessionistas started to hang up their gladiator sandals and chunky, low slung belts in favour of something a bit tougher, something that would provide them with a bit of armour against the backdrop of a bleaker Britain.

dressKate Moss for Topshop £150

jacket and bootsTopshop Biker £185, Jeffery Campbell Boots £140

Maybe it’s because we are finally showing signs of coming out of the recession, maybe it’s because summer is starting to peep over the horizon but for whatever reason it appears fashion is feeling a wee bit dreamy again. But don’t go running for your peasant skirt just yet (we know you kept it tucked at the back of your wardrobe in the hope that one day boho would return because actually we did too!) because our carefree friend isn’t feeling quite so whimsical this time. Yes the bohemian, relaxed style is back but it has a tougher, edgier side this time around. Ignore the wispy skirts and overly girlie looks of boho’s past and instead team with the grungier items in your wardrobe. Layer dark, chunky knits over pretty floral dresses and swap gladiators for nan-inspired sandals.


Pins & Needles Kimono £58, Urban Outfitters Hat £26

This time around boho is not so much about what you wear but how you wear it. Team your dreamy boho with 90s grunge attitude and you’ve got the balance about right. Sienna Miller must be so happy right now.

By Samantha Vandersteen



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