Since we saw the end of the Twilight saga last year, it would have not been surprising if the reign of pale faced blood suckers on our screens similarly came to an end. However 2013 is in fact set to host a whole spectrum of vampire based films, from classic tales reinvented, to romance, and even some old fashion steak to the heart hunting. What is it about the ability to live forever, never ageing and feeding off the lives of others that has such an appeal to audiences worldwide?

The age old theory that in harsh economic times, we are more likely to turn to the likes of vampires, zombies and any other mythical creatures as a form of escapism from the everyday realities of life does seem to make perfect sense, apart from one small issue. Our recession has been declared over. As has that of the United States, where, if we are brutally honest, the overwhelmingly large majority of successful films the general public consume are created. Perhaps, the vampire genre has simply become too popular for producers to resist.

This year, you can expect to see “The Last Voyage of Demeter”, the story of the ship carrying Dracula’s coffin from Transylvania to England that arrives with no survivors, or “Only Lovers Left Alive”, the tale of two vampires who have been together for centuries. If either of those sound too traditional for your tastes, then “The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones” might take your fancy – a young girl discovers her demon hunting fate, and starts to fight against a host of supernatural beings who are living amongst an unaware population.

With fashion weeks soon to begin, will this trend in cinema translate to the catwalks? Judging by Autumn/Winter 2013 pre-collections, a gothic themed trend or two would be unlikely to shock the faces in the front row. The strong use of leather at Burberry, Alexander Wang, and Givenchy, alongside the tartan punk trend seen in the collections of Chanel, Vivienne Westwood, and Preen would indicate a season to be filled with dramatic looks. Just  look to Alexander McQueen’s pre-season collection, which sees Sarah Burton using studs, zips and belts to create dominant embellishments.

We shall have to wait to see if the penchant for bloodsuckers infects next season’s style, but one thing’s for sure… there will be no escaping their hold on many of this year’s upcoming motion pictures, so be prepared to sink your teeth into some more undead dramatics.

By Sophie Seymour.

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