Here at MSL HQ, we have been busy planning and creating our new feature for the blog, ‘What I’m Wearing Today’. We want to appreciate the sartorial eyes and styles of ladies who are busy working away in the creative and fashion industry and share with you how they work with their wardrobes to compose an outfit that will turn heads and inspire others. Kick starting the week, Stephanie O’Reilly, a buyer’s assistant from online fashion haven ASOS, shows us how to don a splash of fuchsia pink with a lipstick to match.



1. What do you do?

Buyer’s Assistant on Beauty for

2. What are your interests?

Fashion, traveling, trying new foods and languages.

3. What motivates you every day?

I have made some really good friends in my current job, they make getting through the day at work a lot easier!

 4. Do you have a treasured garment, an item that you cannot part with?

 I wear a Bvlgari ring that I got for my 17th birthday every day. I have been wearing it for 5 years now and don’t see myself ever taking it off.

5. What style advice would you give?

 Never be afraid of colour!

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