In this day and age having a camera isn’t seen as much of a luxury as it was back when they first came on the scene, but too many people waste their money on cheaper models that last for a few years, only to be replaced by another cheap alternative. And even more of us rely on the cameras on our mobile phones; I can see why, it’s very convenient. But I’m here to tell you to invest in a great camera. One that will be sure to put a dent in your savings, but in return will last much, much longer and bring your memories back to life. Not only will you have better quality photos, ones that you can be proud to say you took for many years, but it will encourage you to take more photos and cherish the ones you do take, instead of having to delete them from your phone because you need more storage space to video your dog in the ridiculous outfit you just bought him…


Did you know that Planned Obsolescence is built into a lot of the products we use? Companies actually plan and programme their products to effectively die on you so that you purchase the ‘upgraded’ version – however, they can hardly ever be classed as an upgrade as they just release a few more shiny colours and add a few superficial extras for a lot more money. But good quality cameras are built to last longer, these companies see your business as an investment, they consider the fact that if you are willing to buy their high end products that you will actually care about them and will look to expand your camera with accessories and extra lenses in the future.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe iPhone ‘evolution’

There are a few things to take into account when thinking of buying a camera that best suits you, like your type of lifestyle, your budget and your experience, but the good news is there’s a camera out there for everyone whether you’re a complete novice or consider yourself an expert – after all there’s nothing like knowing you just captured a moment that could so easily have been lost; what about that time you saw The Arctic Monkeys? Or when you went to New York at Christmas? Don’t be caught short! So here are a few cameras that you could consider to become your new memory making friend.

Brilliant for novices looking to introduce themselves to photography


Sony DSCH300B – £128.96 at

Great for beginners, students, travelling and general family fun.


Canon 650D bundle SALE PRICE £599.95 (was £736.00) at


Perfect for regular photographers and more creative shooting.


Nikon D5200 SALE PRICE £849.00 (was £949.00)/ at

For professionals looking for a real investment!

Canon70DCanon 70D – SALE PRICE £959.00 (was £1199.00) at

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