Beauty School Drop Out

We’re halfway through Fashion month now and it’s safe to say the trends are firmly being set in stone. Typically during Fashion Week, I tend to focus primarily on the fashion, but for the past season or so I’ve been keeping my eye on the beauty trends. Now, I’m no beauty expert (understatement of the century!) but it seems that catwalk beauty trends are unbelievably un-wearable, right? Or is that the point?

Wet hair, smudged lipstick, zebra striped hair…I’m out of my depth here! My make up routine has been pretty much exactly the same for around 5 years and while I understand that is mind-numbingly boring (I do go wild on a weekend and play up my eyeliner – woahh) I’m happy in my safe mindset. I spend most of my day checking my lipstick to ensure it’s not smudged, only to be told I now have to smudge it. But how much? What happens when someone tells me it’s smeared? WHAT DO I DO?

I can kind of come to terms with the wet, slicked hair thing, but my one question is how do we keep it wet? Or do we just throw a load of product on it to make it appear wet? (OK two questions) If that is the case, I’m out. I don’t think my bank balance would thank me for spending £20 on a bottle of product just to use half of it on making my hair look like it hasn’t been done! Plus, for this season, Marni did both of the above at the same time. Fine for the runway, but if I got on the tube with wet hair and smudged lipstick, let’s be honest, I’d look a state!

Perhaps it’s just that I’m not passionate about beauty. When it comes to fashion I can’t wait for the newest trends and a challenge excites me but frankly, this just worries me. I’m sure there are beauty editors and bloggers around the globe revelling in this news but I think I’d better steer clear.

By Natalie Miller

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