S5 restore cream

Loved this product as it had a mild scent and a pea sized amount spread all over my face so I know the cream would last a long time. I tried the cream for normal to dry skin and it wasn’t too thick and made my skin feel refreshed and smooth. Definitely a product I would use on a daily basis.


S5 renew serum fine line and wrinkles

Over the course of a week I saw a noticeable difference. My skin felt tighter and wrinkles around my eyes looked less visible. Felt strange at first as it made my skin feel quite tight when I applied it but I got used to it. Really nice scent. Not too overpowering.

renewserum2_2Cyrine Neroli fountain face cream

I love the texture of this cream. It goes on quite thick but soaks in very quickly and doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy. It also looks really nice under foundation gave my skin a slight glow. Would Highly recommend this product.

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 14.10.59

Vanish pfb post waxing

Quite strong scent – really soothing after wax. How ever it has quite a lot of alcohol in the ingredients so I would be wary of using it too much, I prefer organic ingredients. However I did notice smoother skin within about 48 hours, so it does work!


Balance rescue cleansing gel

A very nice product – great for those with sensitive skin as it has aloe Vera in to sooth the skin. It foams up with warm water and rinses off easily. My skin had that tingly clean feeling afterwards which I love!

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 14.12.53

Ark regenerating skin defence

I really like the ethos behind this brand and was interested to try them. They don’t believe in skin types, they say everyone’s skin is different and personal to them depending on their age, their lifestyle and environment. So people who use their brand will have a personalised skin care routine. This cream worked wonders on my skin, after using it for a while I started to notice a difference. Fine lines around my eyes were less visible and my skin felt revived and refreshed. It contains ingredients such as glucose and vitamin c which promotes collagen production. The cream is expensive at £70, however you only use a tiny amount at a time so it lasts a long time! I would highly recommend it – great present to buy if you have any left over birthday money!


Caviar Perfect Texture Spray

Editors Review

I LOVE this product! I cannot gush about it enough. I lust after full body locks that bounce when you walk. Instead I have been cursed with thin, flyway hair that is more lacklustre than luscious. Caviar Texture Spray has given me the hair I have always wanted and it’s safe to say this is one product that will be staying firmly on my shopping list. – Sophie, Editor


By Hannah Ovenden


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