Semple put a selection of beauty products through their paces for our beauty must haves review and here is what Editor Sophie had to say after trying them out…

Carol Joy 

joyShampoo & Conditioner

This is a must have. Gentle on the hair, this left me with silky shiny hair that was still very manageable and easy to style. The perfect partner to the shampoo the smell this conditioner leaves is so subtle but divine. A firm favourite from Carol Joy, I will recommend this to everyone.

Face Mask

At just 24 one might ask why I have need to use an anti aging skin routine? (Don’t think about that question to much or you just might end up with a few unwanted lines yourself). I have frown lines. I attribute this to me being a thinker; an over thinker. I frown while I work, when I relax and even when I sleep. This habit has left me with premature frown lines, which are not desirable. This product has a lovely creamy texture and is very moisturising. I have oily skin so I avoided my nose, cheeks and chin area and concentrated on my problem areas, and I have to say I have been pleasantly surprised. After using the Carol Joy face mask for a few weeks I have noticed a considerable change and have even had some compliments. Best make the pot last though it’s £95 a pop.

Face Cream

Decadently thick without being claggy and tacky this cream glides over the skin and absorbs quickly leaving a soft sheen perfect for applying make up. However this one is not for me. I had  a breakout after a few days, I must add however that I have incredibly sensitive skin and that my mum, who has drier skin, has fallen head over heels of this little pot of heaven as she so affectionately refers to it. £150 a pot means that this is a real treat. Luxury skincare at its finest for those of you who battle with dry skin.

Available at Carol Joy London

Caviar Smask from the Skin ShopmaskCool and gel like this mask moulds to your face upon contact. For me the best part of this mask was the 30 min lie down. I relaxed and even dozed off. I did also scare my household half to death with the blue gel mask, which is particularly eery. I wouldn’t opt for the mask again due to the fact it made me breakout in quite a few nasty blemishes. I expect this is what to expect with any good mask; to draw out impurities and then leave you with beautiful skin. Perfect if you have time to let your skin recover, but definitely not a quick fix. On the upside my skin was incredibly soft afterwards.

Available at The Skin Shop £14.95

Organic Surge Sweet Blossom Body Creamc

Dry elbows and some patches on my arms that just wouldn’t shift with my Nivea body lotion were really limiting my options for Christmas party attire and then came Organic Surge to save the day. Goodbye dry skin, hello sexy smoothness. The perfect combo of creaminess and fast absorption. I want more, truck loads of it please.

Available at Organic Surge £6.99

Essential Care Make up

makeNothing but good things to say about these products. So gentle on the skin, the mascara especially has worked a treat as a base to my usual products. The organic nature means my eyes were not irritated and hence I made it through the day without panda eyes, Bravo. The lipstick and eye liner stayed put all day and did the job. Don’t be put off my the smell, the tea tree essence seems strong yet the products are anything but.

Available at Essential Care £18.00 – £12.50

Mashooq Hair Oilmash

If there is one thing my hair doesn’t need it is more oil. But the winter months have really taken there toll on my hair and being the the chilly mortal that I am, I’m  never far from a central heated room – HELLO FRIZZ. This oil worked wonders to really tame my hair and add a lovely shin. Caution! Use only a few drops or you will be left with lank locks for days.

Available at Amazon £7.99

Amazonia Preciosa Buriti Hair Mask from Surya Brasil


Straight from the Amazon this hair mask is a winter SOS for your hair. This product didn’t make my hair greasy which is always a worry for me so that was a welcome relief. I applied the mask a few time before my most recent hair cut and my hairdresser commented on the good condition despite my lack of up keep on my hair appointments. Guilty as charged. This really was a recuse remedy, I just wish it smelled nicer. The smell really put me off and therefore I couldn’t see myself using this product very often.

Available at Your Tonic £10.00

By Sophie Maguire


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