At what age do we develop an interest in fashion? Is it from the age of eight – or perhaps as young as six – when we ask for some new clothes or decide purple is now our favourite colour? Or is it on our first ‘mufty day’ at school when we long to have something new or trendy to show off to our friends? 

An interest in fashion and developing our personal style are two very different moments perhaps. I remember my enduring interest in fashion developing from a young age. Memories of my mum buying me a cardigan with a leopard print faux fur collar and matching leggings from M&S when I can’t have been more than 10, to the combination of stripy socks, adidas trainers and a denim skirt to match my best friend when we were 13. It’s certainly developed over the years too – from being quite a tomboy growing up to a love affair of tea dresses and realising the beauty and originality that comes from vintage fashion.

Our attitude to fashion changes and develops over the years too. During our teenage years many of us will admit to following trends – perhaps because we wanted to fit in, but also because it isn’t until you get your first income, that you can really go out and buy the clothes you want.

As the years tick by then, your personal sense of style comes into play. You realise comfort plays a big part, and you start to care less and less about what people think. You consider your body shape more and develop a love for colour, texture and fit. Some opt for minimalism – a wardrobe filled with neutrals and simplicity – others realise a love for colour and the happiness it brings when they wear bold hues. Perhaps you choose to wear only black, or simply buy and wear what you like when you browse the shops – whether it matches or not!

The beauty of fashion is the originality and diversity it creates. Personal style is both a wonderful and important journey, as it leads us to a place where we feel confident and content. Yes, we will always have doubts, we will always open our wardrobes on a morning where we feel as though we have nothing to wear, and at some point we will look in the mirror and not like what we see – but fashion also has that wonderful ability to lift us up and remind us, unequivocally, that on a bad day, we look good and that we should feel proud of what we see.

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