Festive films are one of the best parts of Christmas. We can’t deny ourselves the guilty pleasure of snuggling up on the sofa and gorging ourselves on the delicious foods of the season. But apart from encouraging Christmas spirit and a making us all a little more moral in a time of gluttony, we feel as though we’ve learnt some far more valuable life lessons from our favourite flicks.

Glitter Should Make You Fly  

Although poor Patch’s glitter covered candy canes ended in disaster. We’d be the first in the queue if edible glitter could make you fly. The end to our Christmas traffic nightmares and the only problem we can envisage is an increase in trips to the dentist.

santaSanta Claus, 1985

Make Your Own Party

He may have been left home alone more than once, but at least Kevin had the audacity to have a good time with it. Ordering his favourite Pizza, watching banned films, and sleeping in the big bed. A party for one is sometimes just what you need. And if it happens too often do it somewhere glam. New York is preferable.

kevHome Alone, 1990

Life Is Exciting

If we could be as excited about life as Buddy the Elf is about Christmas, I think we would all be a lot happier. Appreciating the simple things in life should perhaps be our New Year’s Resolution.

elfElf, 2003

Everyone Has A Heart

There’s always someone in your life who you truly think was born miserable and they will make it known that Christmas is not their favourite time of year. Bah humbug! But as we’ve learnt from whoville, even the meanest Christmas stealing Grinch has a heart. You just need to find a weakness and chip away at the ice a little longer.

grinchHow The Grinch Stole Christmas, 2000

Love Conquers All

After the present giving and food eating, what really matters on Christmas day is the people you share it with. Nothing makes us believe this more than following the lives of eight different couples conquering the obstacles of life to find love. Pass the tissues and the chocolates because it gets us everytime.

062bcf686Love Actually, 2003

By Lizzie Benton 

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