When my Editor suggested last week that I blog about a film called ‘Spring Breakers’ I was honestly a little surprised that she had suggested something that had slipped my radar.  And then I watched the trailer.  I would be the first one to admit that typically I would run a mile from anything with the likes of Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens within the cast list; yet the appearance of James Franco, did leave me a little intrigued. The young Hollywood scene has never been one that holds particular interest to me, having never really followed any of the young Disney stars, (with Ryan Gosling as the exception of course), especially if they are known to be dating Justin Bieber. However, as they seem to be leaving behind their children’s channel days and opting instead to work with the likes of cult indie director Harmony Korine, then maybe it’s time to have a re-think.

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As these tweens have grown up, their stardom has never seemed to wane, instead growing as they have matured. Despite my initial dismissal of any sort of genuine credibility that these cutesy American darlings may possess, I would be lying if I hadn’t noticed them creeping up the style ranks over the past few years. Even Miley Cyrus has been frequenting my Pinterest feed with some clothing ensembles I can genuinely respect and look to emulate. True, this may be the product of a whole host of generously paid fashion stylists, but regardless, I can’t deny that these girls are looking good.

Selena Gomez may be clinging on to her ‘I’m so sweet and adorable’ outfits a little stronger than her peers, but Vanessa Hudgens has long been brandishing an effortless boho sense of style. Teamed with her impeccable long beachy waves, the now twenty-four year old actress regularly looks ready for any festival that may come her way. Vanessa’s glam-hippy look was on form whilst in California for the duration of this year’s Coachella festival, which is arguably one of the most fashionable music events in the world. Ashley Benson, her fellow ‘Spring Breakers’ actress who jumped in to replace Emma Roberts after some classic ‘artistic differences’, also made an appearance at the star studded festival, sporting a dishevelled grunge style teamed with a very of-the-moment tousled pink dip dye.

Back to the subject in hand…‘Spring Breakers’ is the colourful portrayal of the events that follow after four young students are arrested for robbery whilst trying to fund their out of control spring break antics. They are subsequently taken under the wing of a party loving drug dealer who ultimately gets them involved with even more hijinks. Expect gun wielding girls wearing neon pink balaclavas and rarely dressing in more than a bikini, teamed with a lot of shrieking and even more drinking. If you haven’t already braved watching the girls go wild, then make sure you keep an eye out for some summer style inspiration – think bold beach wear with day-glo sunnies, bright nail art ideas, enviable high tops and of course, colour co-ordinated Vespa’s to get around on. With this film, these young Hollywood stars make the statement that behind the innocent façade, they simply aren’t teenagers anymore; they’re finally over twenty-one and ready to have some serious fun. To follow in their footsteps, all you need now is some adventurous friends and a ticket to Florida.  All I can say is bring on the summer!

By Sophie Seymour

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