Following style bloggers I found that most of them want to be so creative that sometimes they forget that simple can also be chic. Most  fashion magazines are also so inspirational that editors forget that we need to dress on daily basis. At seven in the morning, when your alarm rings, the vision of your wardrobe is that blurred that creativity and inspiration don’t count. We need to get dressed in minutes and finding the perfect outfit is not easy.

If one of your new year’s resolution is being more stylish every day, look at the proposals that will make your day without lots of effort. You just need to follow those simple rules that we all know, but often forget to apply. Besides, all the pieces combine with each other, so you can use them to build endless looks while defining your very own style.

A basic outfit achieves excellence with accessories, that is why we propose investing in designer components such as handbags, scarves or jewellery while leaving basics for mainstream brands. This way we will get a great look within budget.

Plain colours such as black, grey, navy, camel or white can build a good base but always use them with bright tones such as orange, red or pink to balance the look. Otherwise, your outfit won’t stand out and you will get lost among the crowd. Bright colours also help to cheer up your mood, make and effort to add a bit of light and your day will start with a great dose of positiveness.

Try to balance the use of trousers with dresses and skirts. Sometimes we are so busy that we forget femininity along the way and our most comfortable jeans end up defining our daily style. A long sleeve dress can be a life saver in the morning as we don’t need to match it with a sweater or shirt.

Combine plain with lively patterns to add personality into your look. A floral shirt will make all the difference, so leave the rest of the look monotone. Don’t forget that prints can redefine your figure, vertical straps will make you thiner while horizontal straps will give you volume and curve. Be clever with your decisions.

Always think before buying that amazing piece! Sometimes we fall in love with something that won’t go with the rest of our wardrobe and we end up buying something else to combine it. Especially in the sales, don’t get blind by the prices, stop and think before making a purchase.

Following fashion trends will keep you in the loop, but do we really know what is hot at seven in the morning? Combining trend pieces is often difficult, so try to invest in your own style instead and you will build a long-lasting wardrobe.


Look 1Coat Burberry, dress, jumper and boots Zara, bag Michael Koors

LOOK 2look 2

Shirt and Jeans Zara, Watch Marc by Marc Jacobs, cardigan Assembly New York

LOOK 3look3

Jumper Marc Jacobs, skirt and boots Zara, bracelet Alexander McQueen, handbag Marc by Marc Jacobs


Jumper and shirt Top Shop, Jeans J-Brand, ring Marc by Marc Jacobs, shoes Zara, scarf Alexander McQueen

LOOK 5look5

Blazer Stella McCartney, dress Splendid bag Marc by Marc Jacobs

LOOK 6look6

Scarf Stella McCartney, globes Burberry, jumper MH Jeans, Shirt Joseph, jeans J Brand

LOOK 7look 7

Dress Rani Bageria, handbag Zara, necklace Topshop, ballerinas Pretty Ballerinas, hat Benetton

By laura Roig Vericat

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