It’s official – spring has sprung! The sky is looking distinctly bluer then we have seen it in a long time, the evenings are longer and there has even been a hint of sunshine. But the heralding of spring brings with it a fashion gauntlet, a style minefield so tricky that only the few truly sartorially gifted can escape without faux pas. That’s right ladies, spring means wedding season!

Okay so we all love a good wedding; there is the excuse to drink champagne at breakfast, bad pop music from throughout the decades and spending a whole day with family, friends and loved ones. But who hasn’t looked back in horror at wedding photos a few months later? The traps are so easy to fall into; pastel colours, floral prom dresses, white shoes. Even girls who would never normally be seen within 10 foot of a fascinator suddenly start attaching feathers to their head.

So this wedding season let’s all take a stand together. Put down the fascinator and move away from the white shoes. Dress respectfully, dress appropriately but above all dress chicly! However this is easier said than done when it comes to weddings with all the rules and etiquettes to follow; which still apply and which got thrown out with dowries?

Here are Semple’s rules to keep it sweet and chic this wedding season

Under no circumstances wear white…

Or cream, ivory, off white or any other variation. The bride will hate you, her family will tut at you and you will find yourself unceremoniously shoved to the back for photos. Even if the bride isn’t in white herself you’ll still look like you are trying to steal the show.

Kris hoping all will be all’white on the night –

Wear a prom dresses or ditsy prints but never both…

Prom dresses are having a moment this season so there is no need to steer clear altogether but avoid looking like a throwback by choosing a prom dress with an oversized print. Leave the ditsy prints to bodycon dresses.Look who made a ‘Boo Boo’ – Photo:

Stick to your own style…

If you are not normally a girlie girl why would you suddenly cover yourself in florals or pink just because a nuptial is on the horizon? Stick with a style that suits you but adapt it for a special occasion. Work rock chick at a wedding by teaming a buttery soft leather top with a flowing midi skirt or work the tom boy trend with a feminine suit and killer heels.Miss Moss showing us how to do it right – Photo:

Choose an outfit that will work for day or night…

One of the main reasons weddings are so hard to dress for is that often you need something that works for both the day and the party in the evening. Smarten up your day look by teaming with a light coloured blazer and if you don’t normally wear towering heels then go for a midi heel so your sore feet don’t stop you hitting the dance floor later.SJP can run in hers, but can you dance in yours? – Photo:

Look gorgeous, but not too gorgeous…

Everyone likes to make an effort for a wedding but one rule that will never change is that no one will look more beautiful than the bride.Got that Pippa! – Photo:

By Samantha Vandersteen

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