For Ashley Simmons the desire to create her very own swimwear range came along when she found a significant gap in the market for beautifully embellished bikinis that came with an affordable price tag. In her own words, Ashley wanted something “sexy, elegant and unique” so after shunning the hefty price tags and extortionate shipping fees that came with many of her desired choices, she decided to strike out on her own. And with that, Wanderlust Bikinis was born.


To ensure that the bikinis maintain their reasonable price tag, Wanderlust sources simple wholesale bikinis which are then customised using an array of bracelets, brooches, and necklaces found at local haberdasheries and markets. And therein lies the beauty of Wanderlust Bikinis as no two piece will ever be the same. Each piece is handcrafted and lovingly embellished with unique accessories; creating the perfect statement bikini each and every time.


Like many a modern day small business, Wanderlust Bikinis relies heavily on the power of  social media. “Once I made a small collection of bikinis made I set up an Instagram and Twitter page and began uploading photographs. I was getting likes, people seemed very keen so I set up a PayPal account and began to sell them”. Now Ashley ships as far and wide as Australia and Canada, and has also managed to secure a spot selling at the Ocean Beach boutique in Ibiza, the very home of poolside glamour!


Having never been one to indulge in the aforementioned poolside glamour scene, I haven’t really felt the need for an elaborately embellished bikini to accompany the (what would have been) equally elaborately embellished Ibiza vacay price tag. But after hearing many good things about the brand I decided to ditch my many bland bikinis in exchange for a one off Wanderlust on my recent girls holiday to Egypt.


Comfortable and classy, my Wanderlust Bikini gave me an added confidence, that isn’t often found in your ordinary two piece. The embellished top and plain bottoms offered just the right amount of glamour without making me feel out of place, despite the distinct lack of other extravagant swimwear on display. I instantly felt much more feminine and even began to enjoy the ridiculous posing to get just the right pic for this very blog post! Overall the bikini managed to change my attitude to swimwear; instead of merely seeing a bikini as a functional holiday essential I began to realise that swimwear can be ‘sexy, elegant and unique’ just the way Ashley planned it!

By Jenna Jones


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