In the name of Valentines Day and love we asked several couples some questions and this is what they had to say…Today we get to know Ruth & James


Just 22 and together 8 years, Ruth and James are real life childhood sweethearts.


Ruth’s Answers

I love him because? He is my best friend so I can trust him with my life, he’d do anything for me

Who wears the trousers? Definitely me!

What is your worst habit? Thinking about the little things to much

Describe yourself in three words? Friendly, thoughtful and generous

What do you argue you about? If he ditches me or winds me up

Your proudest moment? Graduating and getting my first job

When do you look your best? Rarely…or when I’m ready for a night out

What is your biggest fear? Losing Crofty and death

What have you learnt from each other? How to trust someone more than anything else

What is your worst trait? He’ll say my mood swings

What does the future look like? We talk about it a lot, i can see myself with him forever. Kids, marriage, everything.

What would you like to say to him? Thank you for loving me


James’ Answers

I love her because? We are soul mates

Who wears the trousers? We both do

What is her worst habit? Pullling her eyelashes out

Describe her in 3 words? Beautiful, supporting and loving

What do you argue you about? What side of the bed we are on

When were you most proud of her? Getting her dream job

When does she look her best? Always

Her biggest fear is? Being possessed by the devil

What have you learnt from each other? Trust

What is her worst trait? Being moody

What would you like to say to her? You alright mate

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