In the name of Valentines Day and love we asked several couples some question and this is what they had to say…Today we have our Editor Sophie and her boyfriend Cam

After a chance meet and a few cosmos Sophie and Cam have been together 1 year 3 months…

 Sophie’s Answers


 What does he bring to the relationship?  Spontaneity and stability.

 When do you think the hardest part of your relationship was? When Cam went traveling in Asia for 3 months.

 What about you could only he love? My irrational anger towards the general public.

 I love him because? He gets me. He saved me. He pushes me out of my comfort zone.

 Who wears the trousers? I like to pretend I do and he goes along with it.

 Describe yourself in three words? Determined, loyal and a tad eccentric.

 When is he most romantic? Not a day goes by that he doesn’t make me feel special.

 Your proudest moment? Becoming Editor of Semple Magazine and finishing uni. It’s the only thing I have ever stuck at.

 When do you look your best? With ALOT of make up!

 What is your biggest fear? Leaving things unsaid and not writing for a living – I honestly have no idea what else I would, or even could, do.

 When did you know he loved you? I cant say I knew when he loved me, but  I knew I loved him the second he walked away from me and through security at Heathrow Airport, but I kept it to myself for a while.

 What have you learnt from each other? He has taught me to enjoy life a lot more, to worry a lot less and that it is ok to open up. I hope I have taught him that the only failure in life, is failing to try.

 What does the future look like? Learning, laughing and loving, together.

 His favorite part of my body is? I think he will say my bum.

 What would you like to say to him? Thank you for existing, you make me smile.


Cam’s Answers

 What do you bring to the relationship? I think I bring a ‘try everything once’ mentality to the relationship. I think I encourage Sophie to try things she wouldn’t necessarily have tried before.

 When do you think the hardest part of your relationship was? Without a doubt it was while I was traveling through Asia for a couple of months. Although I was able to speak to her pretty much every day, I found myself missing silly things, like the weekly Sunday roast with her family and just watching you’ve been framed with her sister and Nat. It’s not something I’d do without her again.

Is there anything about her that only you could love? I love Sophie’s impatience. I find it hilarious. But that’s probably because it’s always with other people and not me.

 I love her because? She is genuine. What you see is what you get with Sophie and I love that. Also, she has a great rack.

 Who wears the trousers? I think I wear the trousers in the relationship. Although most of the decisions we come to are mutual. Except when we go to the cinema. She has terrible taste in films.

 Describe her in 3 words? Organised. Natural. Gentle.

 When are you most romantic? When she least expects it. I love surprising her.

 When were you most proud of her? No one moment stands out, but I am so proud just to call her my girlfriend. I think she’s accomplished a lot in her job.

When does she look her best? Easy. Just before bed. Never been so attracted to any girl.

 Her biggest fear is? Her biggest fear is. I’m not sure. Moths and butterflies maybe? Freak.

 When did you know you loved her? There was a big family lunch at my grandparents. I remember sitting just watching her at the table and how easily she fit into my family. I thought to myself then, I love this girl.

 What have you learnt from each other? I think I’ve learned that it’s ok to take risks and that failure is ok. I think she’s learned how to open up and that it’s ok to not be ok sometimes.

 What does the future look like? If I base the future on what’s already been, the future looks great. I’ve never been in a relationship so straightforward and simple. Sophie makes it very easy to love her.

 My favourite part of her body is? Her lips. She literally has the perfect smile.

 What would you like to say to her?

I’m currently squashed in the back of a minivan sitting on my bag as there’s not enough seats, driving through northern Thailand. I’m hot and sweaty after an 11 hour journey like this, yet I’m still smiling, as answering these questions has made me realise what a great girl I have.

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