Depending on the orientation of a triangle, this familiar shape is often associated with creativity, harmony and illumination. But new underwear and swimwear brand Triangl have turned this shape on its head and created a range that encompasses all things sexy, feminine and modern.

Triangl are an Australian based brand that have created a storm pool side. Their iconic balcony and triangular shaped garments are simple, elegant, and everything that a surfer girl come fashion obsessed, daily style blogger would want to shout about.


The story behind the brand is as warming as the summer sun. Set up by Erin Deering and now fiancé Craig Ellis, the couples second date became  the brainchild of the much loved range. Unable to find a bikini to wear on the beaches of Melbourne, Erin and Craig decided to start up a collection that was both affordable, stylish and reflected their ongoing dreams of chasing endless summers.

The swimwear collection is based on the use of brightly coloured neoprene, a dynamic fabric heavily associated with the sport luxe trend. Erin champions this fabric for its style and substance.”It’s an exciting fabric to work with as it allows bikinis to hold their shape and look really structured and modern.”


If you prefer your winter holidays, or already have enough beachwear to last you a trip around the world, then fear not. Triangl also have a range of underwear in the exact same style. Using an incredibly soft nylon and thin mesh fabric, the underwear sets are everything you need to feel confident and feminine, and complete your outfit no matter what the season.

Unmissable on all social media platforms, we’ve nose dived into the world of a Triangl beach babe and purchased some sets for ourselves. With the start of June only a couple of days away, officially marking the beginning of summer, we reckon you should grab your board and take a visit to the site too!


By Marni Banks

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