When deciding how to sum up the theme of this post, there was only one phrase that came to mind – what goes around, comes back around. Often used in a negative light, we at MSL have been thinking about how this infamous quote is actually quite positive when applied to certain styles and trends that come in and out of fashion. Popular images are constantly recycled, but always updated with a twist as new generations adapt old styles, and when looking for inspiration, who better to look at for the green light then the stars themselves. So today, each of us at the MSL HQ want to share with you our favourite style icon comparisons. From the women who wowed the crowds in the days gone by, to the ladies who turn heads today, the similarities are uncanny!

Euro chic is a simple laid back style which has grown in popularity since the early 60’s when it became a fashion movement in reaction to the theatrical style of the Mods and Rockers. It is a look that has been championed by the likes of Jane Birkin, Jean Seberg, Carla Bruni and of course the trendsetter herself, Francoise Hardy.

It is no surprise that Carla Bruni and Francoise Hardy look so alike. Both women have a musical background and would have taken style inspiration from other singer songwriters at the time. They have that fresh faced beauty that allows them to shine without the need for showy makeup and revealingly cut clothes. It is a classic and feminine look which has lasted to this day. See the similarities here…

The Rolling Stones changed the music panorama, but their impact on fashion was also equally important during this time. Marianne Faithfull became a muse to countless designers and her “Rock and Roll Girlfriend” style emerged as iconic; floppy hats, fur coats, flared jeans, snakeskin boots and tapestry bags completed the look that many tried to emulate. In my opinon, despite of the Olsen sister’s attempt, Kate Moss is the one and only rock star princess of today.

Notes to perfect the look: Say no to the those who kill in the name of fashion – faux fur looks just as stylish as real the deal!

One of my favourite past style icons has to be Twiggy. Taking effortless chic and glamour to a whole new level, Twiggy donned the simple shift dresses, oversized geometric patterns and chunky plastic accessories, teamed with a lavish line of liquid eye liner. Her legacy lies in her bold pixie crop, which is also now the iconic image belonging to actress and Burberry model, Emma Watson. As a long-haired brunette, whenever I come across an image of Twiggy or Emma, I get an urge to cut it all off and embrace their youthful and elfin spirit. It is their playful image, which is still refined by their dainty elegance, that is so enchanting. With a style so similar to the notorious Twiggy, it comes as no surprise that Emma’s mod bob catapulted her into the fashion domain.

If your still lusting for more style comparisons, MSL highly recommend reading ‘Vintage Style: Iconic Fashion Looks and How to Get Them’ by Sarah Kennedy. A truly beautiful, nostalgic and comparative account of styles then and now.

By Grace Molan, Laura Roig Vericat and Marni Banks.


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