Trend Report: A Head For Hats

This year forget about the rabbit, pig or cat. This is the year of the hat. This can seem a daunting prospect, especially if you do not have a head for hats. However, here at team MSL we believe this trend can be mastered due to the plethora of styles on offer. There is a hat to suit every woman’s style. The New Year sees the return of the classic fashion accessory and here at MSL we believe it has the ability to transform your confidence.

Headgear is having a fashion revival. The current nostalgia for the forties, sixties and seventies glamour sees the re-emergence of the pillbox, beret and fedora. There are some who can hit the high notes with their hat; for others it is an extension of their personality and the rest a key signature style. MSL particularly loves the way Rosie Huntington – Whiteley has single- handedly put the flirt back into fedora. It is a look that has been updated for the 21st Century; primarily seen tilted coquettishly over Twiggy’s elfin features. Rachel Bilson has adopted the perfect balancing act, wearing her beret slanted on the back of her head, updating the style of Faye Dunaway in Bonnie And Clyde. The vintage paragon, Dita Von Teese, is often seen sporting a spectacular pillbox in homage to the forties. The fashion editor Isabella Blow was never seen without an eccentric plumage attached to her head, making it a lasting tribute to milliners everywhere.

It is little wonder that the designers have taken note and are turning their attention to an iconic hat in their Spring/Summer Collections. Marc Jacobs has opted for the ultra sequin luxury turban worn for the cocktail hour, at Jil Sander the focus was on forties femininity as pillbox hats sat daintily on the models’ heads and at Burberry it was part of a carefully constructed tailored uniform.

It is not just that a hat, be it a beanie, cloche or cap that makes an outfit, but the way it is worn. Recently, Rachel Weisz was seen wearing a trilby walking hand-in- hand with her husband Daniel Craig. She looked self- assured and comfortable and it is not just due to her new found marital bliss. 2012 is the year of the hat and whatever one you decide, wear it with pride.

Caroline Barnes

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