When the weather turns colder it is inevitable that thoughts will turn to escaping to far-flung (and warmer) lands. Whether you are off in search of winter sun or bracing the chill on a city break, making sure you have the essentials with you can mean the difference between a dream trip and a holiday nightmare. Follow our guide to the travel essentials to ensure smooth adventures wherever you are off too.

Capsule Wardrobe

Travel in winter makes packing especially challenging. Either you are going somewhere hot (but the thought of packing a bikini whilst freezing in Blighty is enough to give you brain freeze) or you are trying to pack for the chill (with limited space and restricted luggage allowance). Make it easy on yourself by picking your favourite holiday outfits and then working them a number of different ways. Semple Essential: Sunglasses for hot climates and ear muffs for trawling round Christmas Markets. 


Travelling can take its toll on your hair and skin, so don’t let your beauty regime slip when you are away. In fact you might find you it needs a little more TLC than normal to keep it in top shape all holiday. A moisturiser is essential for your skin if you are traipsing round a breezy city and a strong moisturising mask for your hair will treat your trestles after a day in the sun. Semple Essential: Vaseline. It is the answer to a hundred beauty questions.



Yes it is nice to get away from work emails when off on yours hols but that doesn’t mean you have to switch off the tech altogether. Whether you are an Apple girl or an Android chick your smartphone or tablet of choice is the ultimate travel companion. Download films for the journey or keep a guidebook on you at all times; technology doesn’t have to ruin your holiday – just make sure you switch your emails off before you leave home. Semple Essential: a purse friendly travel plan on your phone to avoid unexpected charges when you get home.



Finding the right apps can open up a whole new world for your holiday. You can avoid language barriers with a translator app, get a guide to the city with Citymapper or even plan your whole trip with TripAdvisor. Semple Essential: Don’t forget to document your trip with Instagram #NoFilter.


Reading Material  

Holiday reading is an absolute must, when is a better time to catch up on the latest paperback or winter style? The perfect way to relax made even simpler with technology allowing us to take our whole library of books and magazines with us without even taking up much space in your bag. Semple Essential: Semple Magazine Issue VI of course!

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By Samantha Vandersteen

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